Irritated by Noise in Your Condo Building? Here’s What You Can Do

Irritated by Noise in Your Condo Building? Here’s What You Can Do

Choosing to live in a condo means putting up with a certain volume of ambient sound due to the close proximity to your neighbours. Another culprit of excessive noise may be the use of lower quality building materials during construction. In both cases, some types of noise disturbances are not acceptable.

Of course, tolerance levels vary from person to person! Some may notice nothing while this may be a major source of stress for others. You have every right to undertake action to put an end to disruptive noise and improve your quality of life. 

What Is Considerer “Tolerable”

The answer is that it depends. Nevertheless, it is possible to keep a level head and find some middle ground. Most people can tolerate the occasional noise disturbance. This may include a neighbour who hosts a boisterous party two or three times a year, kids yelling in the hallway, cars coming and going in the parking lot, someone using a drill in the middle of the day. But some sounds may become annoying if they occur regularly, such as loud music, doors slamming in the hallway or a barking dog. All this may be stressful for fellow condo dwellers or even infuriating, especially if it interferes with their sleep or wakes their children. 

What You Can Do to Resolve the Situation

No miracle solution exists, but here are a few ways you can approach the problem and end excessive noise:

  • Talk to the neighbours: You may be surprised by how understanding they will be! People are often unaware how disruptive their behaviour is. The answer may lie in a simple conversation. And, if the source of the noise can’t be completely eliminated, you can seek a compromise. 
  • Consult the other co-owners: Perhaps you aren’t the only resident who thinks things have gotten out of hand. If many of you find the situation untenable, it will be easier to convince the noisy neighbour to change their ways or to have renovation work carried out to resolve the issue.
  • Write to the syndicate of co-owners: A condo building is managed by a syndicate as if it were a small business. This board can issue written warnings to residents, as well as fines, or hire a contractor to soundproof certain areas. The board may equally send a formal notice to the original builder if the unwanted sound is due to insufficient insulation or noisy components (emergency doors, etc.).
  • Check the rules: All co-owners and tenants will have signed the declaration of co-ownership before moving in. This document may contain strict rules, including a ban on disruptive pets or a code of conduct regarding music. The syndicate therefore has at its disposal all the tools it needs to enforce the rules, from fines to a formal notice, as the case may be.
  • Propose a new bylaw at the next meeting: As a co-owner, you can put forward a new bylaw to minimize noise disturbances. It will have to be adopted by the majority, however, to become official.

Poorly Insulated Condo Buildings

Some condominium buildings were erected according to high soundproofing standards … and some less so. Before you purchase a unit, talk to your real estate broker to obtain information regarding the building’s construction details.

Not matter the source of the noise, remember that maintaining a respectful tone is paramount and that everyone is entitled to the full enjoyment of their dwelling. After all, every resident will benefit from a negotiated a compromise or additional soundproofing! 

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