Colourful Living Rooms Are the Perfect Remedy for Gloomy Weather

Colourful Living Rooms Are the Perfect Remedy for Gloomy Weather

Cocooning season is upon us and that means just one thing: the living room is now our favourite place to hang out on rainy fall afternoons. Whether this is where you relax as a family or for your own me time, the last thing you would want is a room that looks as grey as the sky outside. Since this is the place for savouring the moment, why not take the opportunity to revamp it a bit and bring it up to date?

Overwhelmed by all the interior design advice that seems out of your reach or a tad too much for you? At Brault et Martineau, we put you and your needs first! Read our tips to create a colourful living room, whether you’re planning on redoing everything or you just want to warm it up with a few pieces. 

Playful furniture

Sometimes a single vibrant piece of furniture can lift the mood of a room. A colourful sofa, whether modern, vintage or boho-chic, will light up your living room with no effort whatsoever. If you’re attached to your current sofa, think of adding a deep-coloured bookcase, or a side table that will steal the show. Why make it complicated when it really can be so simple!

The not-so-discreet accessory

For smaller projects, have a look at throws, cushions, curtains, rugs or, if you can, all of the above. Sometimes, a simple detail can make all the difference. And keep in mind the aesthetic contribution of a coloured carpet to brighten up your living room. Not only does it give you the chance to play with textures and patterns, but it adds warmth to the room. And let’s face it: it’s also more pleasant for bare feet on cold evenings!

Dress up your walls

Are you an art lover? That’s a good thing! A beautiful, carefully chosen canvas will transform any room. Again, it’s a matter of personal taste. Regardless of whether you go with abstract, modern, illustrations, landscapes or figures, as long as there is colour, choose freely! You can even hang several prints or paintings on the same wall in order to create a striking final touch.

Accent wall magic

Changing furniture is all good, but sometimes you just want to push the transformation further. This is where paint comes in, as the final touch to your living room. If the thought of ​​painting all four walls discourages you, the accent wall trend might be just the thing! Forest green for a calm and relaxing ambiance, peach-orange for a vibrant feel; this year popular shades don’t hold back on the wow effect and your new living room won’t either! Choose your wall (we like the one behind the sofa) and apply the selected colour. You’ll adore the final effect, guaranteed!


Looking for advice on how to change up your decor? Feel free to stop by the store to discuss it with our team. At Brault et Martineau, we have everything you need to bring an inspiring idea to life, even if you don’t have much time or money for the project. Prefer online shopping? You won’t believe the selection!

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By Brault & Martineau

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